Ichiddo Ramen Las Vegas is Minnesota based authentic Japanese ramen (noodle) restaurant, currently, we operate in Midwest and West Coast of US. We serve a variety of our own special menu, serves with beef, chicken, and seafood charsiu ramen, donburi, fried rice, stir fried ramen, fresh appetizers and beverage. We serve lunch and dinner. As an additional, We have more than 15 different topping options for your choice, you will choose the ramen according to the topping, or your choose topping according to the ramen.
The main course in Ichiddo Noodle are both Japanese and Chinese style noodle, noodle soup and fried rice. Soup and ingredients are the key of making authentic Japanese noodle, for this reason here you will test a real authentic Japanese flavor noodle and Chinese noodle soup.
We open 7 days a week, from 11 am – 10 pm Mon-Sat, and 11 am – 9 pm on Sunday. For reservation, please call (702) 263-8988.

I was born in cooking both Japanese and Chinese food. I worked in Chinese buffet restaurant, Japanese restaurant, and Japanese ramen restaurant for many years. Over the years, I learned the authentic flavor of Chinese food by learning its ingredients. Usually, the number of items in Chinese food is much more than other types of foods, such as Italian food, or Mexican food, the main reason, the different items require to use different ingredients during the cooking. After worked in Japanese menu many years, I found that Japanese ramen is one of my favorites among others. Over the years, I found that American people deserve better menu after working so hard the whole days, especially deserve to eat more nutritious food. For this reason, Ramen is the best choice. Ramen is served with fresh soup which is made of fresh pork legs with bone. I am the expert of boiling a fresh pork legs soup with many kinds of ingredients, I am very excited to introduce our ramen menu to our local customers.

side chef